Welcome to The Book Reviewers – a brand-new professional book review website with one principal aim: to help fellow book lovers find the best self-published and indie books available. We do this by providing detailed, honest reviews of novels of various genres, and we rate them using a percentage score.

There has been an explosion of indie books in recent years, in large part thanks to Amazon creating a viable platform for authors to self-publish. At The Book Reviewers, we believe this is an exciting and positive step forward, but we also recognise that it has created problems for readers.

Firstly, by eschewing the traditional publishing route, authors no longer have to polish their book before they release it into the public domain. Quality control is no longer a necessity, and that means many books are littered with spelling errors, poor punctuation, incorrect grammar and dodgy formatting.

Secondly, the proliferation of indie books in the market has made it even harder for book lovers to find their next great read. There are many decent indie titles out there, but how do you find them? Without a publishing house behind them, most indie authors have to rely on Amazon reviews to stand out – and while Amazon customer reviews are helpful to some extent, they are often very brief or poorly written – or they spoil a book for you completely by giving away a major plot twist!

But fret not, because that’s where The Book Reviewers come in! Our reviews are fair, unbiased, professional and detailed (yet spoiler-free), and we provide a clear rating score so that you can easily browse the site by genre and find the book you’re looking for.

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