Go To Sleep! is an enchanting and beautifully crafted children’s picture book from Devon-based poet and author Marion Adams and the talented illustrator Sarah-Leigh Wills.

It tells the story of Tansy, an adorable young sheep who forgets how to sleep one night and finds herself wide awake while the rest of her flock sleep soundly around her.  As her frustration grows, she turns to her mother and then her sister for help, but their semi-conscious suggestions fail to work, so it falls to the wise old barn owl to offer a suggestion: why doesn’t she try counting sheep? So Tansy tries this age-old technique – and the results are hilarious!

Like many classic kids’ stories, Go To Sleep! takes a problem that most children will relate to and resolves it in the most gentle (what’s more gentle than a cute little sheep?) and humorous (what’s funnier than a sheep counting sheep?) way. And as if that wasn’t enough, the book has a delicious twist that will satisfy parents and kids alike, whether they saw it coming or not.

It would be unfair not to mention the charming illustrations in this book, too. Sarah Leigh-Wills really brings Tansy to life through her multitude of expressions, and she has captured the funny side of the story perfectly. I particularly enjoyed the image of a giant crow carrying one of the sheep away!

Go To Sleep! is an endearing book that your toddler will want you to read to them again and again, and while there are many kids’ books that deal with the subject of struggling to get to sleep, very few have the wit and warmth of this little gem.

Publisher: Full Media Ltd
Book length: 32 pages
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