Book Reviewers FAQs1. I’m an author. How do I get you to review my book?

If you would like The Book Reviewers to review your latest book, please get in touch via this page.

2. Is there a charge to review my book?

Yes, we charge $50 per book review. You will be asked to pay by PayPal when you submit your book.

3. Why should I get my book reviewed by The Book Reviewers?

Professional book reviews are valuable commodities and should be part of every author’s marketing strategy. While Amazon reviews will no doubt help you shift units on their website, a book review from us will give you more credibility. After all, which you would prefer on the front cover of your novel: a quote from a random Amazon user or one from an independent book review site?

Another advantage of The Book Reviewers over other book review sites is our rating system: we rate books using percentages rather than the usual five-star system.

4. Why do you use a percentage rating?

We decided to use a percentage rating because we feel that the five-star rating sytem adopted by most other sites is flawed. A percentage rating allows you to differentiate between a really good book (80-90%) and an absolutely incredible, possibly even life-changing book (90%-100%). We like to be specific, or maybe we just like to be different!

5. Who will review my book?

We have an ever-growing team of book reviewers made up of proofreaders, editors, writers and bloggers. All are keen, knowledgeable readers who love to share their opinions on books they’ve read!

6. How long will my book review be?

Most reviews of novels will be 350-450 words although we don’t set an upper limit. Reviews of children’s books and short stories may be a little shorter.

7. Does my book have to meet any specific criteria to be accepted for review?

One of TBR’s aims is to introduce readers to top-quality indie books, so please only submit your book review request if your book is the finished article. If we read a sample and spot anything that suggests your book needs work – if the formatting is a mess or there are numerous typos or bad grammar, we are unlikely to be favourable in our review, so it’s better all round if we don’t review it at that point in time. You can always re-submit it at a later date.

8. What book/file formats do you accept?

For logistical and environmental reasons, we have decided to only accept digital copies of books. Please do not send physical copies in the post. We accept EPUB, MOBI and PDF files. Send it via our book submission form here.

9. My question isn’t listed. Help!

If you have any other questions, please get in touch via our contact page and we will respond ASAP!