The Dragon Children: The Prophecy, the debut novel from Hannah Byrnes, is a magical adventure that follows Bridget and Kai: two children from very different walks of life, who are summoned all the way to an isolated island in the Arctic by the name of Dragonsreach. They discover they are chosen children; their destiny is to learn the Dragons’ Code so they can pass the wisdom of Dragon Kind down to future generations.

With a colourful cast of characters, places and plenty of dragons, and with evil not lurking far away in the guise of the fearful Iron Queen, this novel will enthral fans of Harry Potter (there are even a few fun references for Rowling fans to pick up on throughout the novel).

Like Alan Garner before her, Byrnes has the deft ability to intertwine the ordinary and the extraordinary with a lightness of touch, whilst still hitting home with powerful themes that will strike a chord with both children and adults alike. Bridget and Kai think and act just like real children do, and their characters pop off the page. At times, the plot can feel a little rushed, but this is compensated for by the rich landscape created by Byrnes and the warm humour throughout.

Overall, The Dragon Children: The Prophecy is a rewarding and imaginative novel for young persons.

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Publisher: Flamesteed Publishing
Length: 231 pages
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