As I write this review, the UK is coming to the end of several weeks of political campaigning and elections in the UK, so The Cromwell Factor was a topical read. The story opens with the murder of a protester in a dystopian England before we meet puppet Prime Minister, Craig Davison, who is having his strings pulled by a corrupt clandestine agency. Elsewhere, gifted young scientist Ben is working on a secret mind-control formula  to use in the fight for justice; however, a race is about to ensue to keep it out of the wrong hands…

The Cromwell of the title alludes to a 21st century spin on Oliver Cromwell’s ‘New Model Army’; a hapless group of revolutionaries taking the people’s fight against the establishment.

Dan, our main protagonist, and reluctant ‘leader of the gang’, initially stands alone in defending the unlikeable Premier as they have journeyed through similar personal tragedy (or have they? …) However, as the story unfolds, Dan’s loyalties are seriously tested.

Though eventually rewarding, this is a slow-burn thriller that requires a patient reader. But stick with it and ultimately you will be provided with a satisfactory conclusion. In tone and pace, this book reminded me a little of The Da Vinci Code, so if you enjoy that kind of book, then The Cromwell Factor will not disappoint.