Percent SignOne feature of The Book Reviewers that differentiates us from other book review websites is the TBR scoring system. Unlike most other book blogs and review sites, which favour the traditional (and slightly limiting) five-star system, we have opted for percentage ratings, mainly because they allow you to be more specific with your score.

Of course, we do appreciate that some people will prefer the star rating system, so if you’re an author looking to use your book’s TBR score to promote your book, whether it’s on your website, in your book’s blurb or on social media, you may wish to convert your score to a five-star rating. To help you, we have developed the following conversions:

0–9% – ½ star

10–19% – 1 star

20–29% – 1 ½ stars

30–39% – 2 stars

40–49% – 2 ½ stars

50–59% – 3 stars

60–69% – 3 ½ stars

70–79% – 4 stars

80–89% – 4 ½ stars

90–100% – 5 stars

Wherever possible, please include a link to your review whenever you refer to it online. It will enable people to find the review easily and it will enhance our SEO, meaning that your review will be seen by more people.

If you have any questions about TBR scores, please read our FAQs or get in touch!