Chakana follows the story of Kate Rhodes, a young policewoman who struggles to make her way as she stands in the shadow of her father. We follow her the whole way to Peru on a journey that takes her to unknown territory and pushes her limits. In a bid to rescue her brother from the grips of gold smugglers, Kate finds herself in the throes of a top-secret ancient legend that could result in the next world war.

Chakana is a rather loose historical novel; however, intertwined through the narrative of the story is a rather awkwardly formed romance between Miss Rhodes and Agent James Fleming. There is no doubt it is passionate and the fact that they are acquaintances from way back when seems to add to their budding romance. The combination of action and romance certainly makes for exciting reading, although the two themes of the novel seem to clash at times as Kate and James try to discover each other whilst saving the world all at the same time!

The storyline is deeply intricate and well thought out. James and Kate find themselves in beautiful landscapes and forgotten caves that have such detail in their description. The journey to find the keys is gripping, and as a reader you will be on the edge of your seat. Furthermore, Kate’s bravery is infectious and coupled with James, they certainly seem to make a great team.

Kate goes on a real journey of self-discovery throughout the novel. She starts as a rather confused young woman who has not truly discovered who she wants to be, but later she seems to be reborn and becomes confident, courageous and self-aware. She is a brave young woman who seems to have had her heart stolen by a tall, dark and handsome acquaintance from her childhood. The timing of their romance is rather unfortunate because it seems to overtake the greater task at hand…world peace!

This novel is action packed, gripping and well told. Unfortunately, there are some errors scattered throughout which can be rather off-putting and distracting. Apart from these, the book will keep your attention and make you want to keep reading. It certainly has hints of Indiana Jones, just with the romance maximised tenfold!