If you like thrillers – and if you like your thrillers dark, ominous and intense – then you may well enjoy Anything for Her, which is Jack Jordan’s first novel, and certainly makes for a flying start to his career as an author.

The novel focuses on the Leightons: Louise and Michael, and their children Brooke and Dominic. The Leightons are clearly a family in crisis, and have been for a while it seems – but, for Louise, the balance is tipped when she finds out that Michael has been having an affair with her own sister, Denise. Louise walks out of the family home and as the story unravels so do the Leightons. The plot skilfully twists and turns, moving backwards and forwards in time and shifting between different characters’ points of view; in due course the events that led to and took place on ‘that night’, and the reasons why Louise and Brooke must keep them secret, are revealed, as well as what happens following Brooke’s sudden disappearance …

I found it interesting that the main characters aren’t the most likeable of people, with the exception of ten-year-old Dominic, who is simply caught up in the mess made by the older members of his family, poor boy; although this makes it difficult to care very much about what happens to the other three, it certainly didn’t stop me enjoying the book.

The elements of high drama in Anything for Her might not be to everyone’s taste, and the Leightons’ lifestyle certainly isn’t very down to earth. However, in my opinion these matters can be overlooked because Jack Jordan does a good job of keeping the novel pacy, while building and maintaining suspense and a strong sense of foreboding right to the shocking conclusion of the story.Blog tour imageAFH Jack Jordan

In my view, this is an impressive and well thought-out debut thriller which features adult themes and some original, unpredictable and sometimes horrifying twists. Jack Jordan’s next book, My Girl, is out soon; I’m dreading it – but in a good way!

Author’s website: www.jackjordanofficial.co.uk
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Length: 340 pages

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