smart dog studying old booksThe Book Reviewers is a professional book review site with a difference. We’re not interested in reviewing books by the really big publishers. After all, there are plenty of websites doing that already! No, we are here to help fellow book lovers find the best self-published and indie books available online – and we do this by providing detailed, honest reviews of novels of various genres, and we rate them using a percentage score.

With the explosion of self-published books over the past few years, it is becoming increasingly difficult for readers to find the book they’re looking for, and while Amazon customer reviews do help to some extent, they are often very brief or poorly written – or they spoil a book for you completely by giving away a major plot twist!

That’s where The Book Reviewers come in! Our reviews are fair, unbiased, professional and detailed (yet spoiler-free), and we provide a clear rating score so that you can easily browse the site by genre and find the book you’re looking for.

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