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Bad House book cover

Bad House – Sam West

On the surface, Sam West’s Bad House sounds a lot like Stephen’s psychological horror classic The Shining, but once you get past the central premise – a haunted building that torments its new inhabitants and sends the man of the house insane – the two novels are incomparable. Ian Webster, a successful artist, moves into 29 Aberdeen Road with his wife Holly and six-year-old son Jacob. Despite feeling a negative vibe towards the estate agent and the house itself, he decides to buy it anyway as it is such a bargain. As soon as they move into the property, weird things happen to Ian...

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Zugswang - A Short Story - JJ Toner

Zugzwang – JJ Toner

If you’re looking for a short but satisfying murder mystery to dive into for an hour or so, you could do a lot worse than JJ Toner’s Zugzwang, a short story set in Germany in the early 1930s. Kommissar Saxon, a police detective in Munich, has recently become a father. Stressed and underslept, the last thing he needs is a complex murder case to solve, but that’s exactly what he’s tasked with by his unforgiving boss. A woman has just been murdered, and it bears all the gruesome hallmarks of another murder just weeks earlier. As Saxon and his assistant, Glasser,...

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Skin Cage book cover

Skin Cage – Nico Laeser

Nico Laeser’s genre-defying novel Skin Cage deals with one of the cruelest of medical conditions, locked-in syndrome, in which the sufferer is almost completely paralysed but remains conscious. When he was 15 years old, Daniel Stockholm’s brain was infected by a parasite that reduced him to a frozen shell of his former self, and we meet him nine years on, still reliant on machines to keep him alive, and still unable to communicate to his long-time carers, Cassie and Anna. His relationship with these two women is the driving force behind this unsettling, often deeply touching book – but...

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Proofreader checking manuscript

How to find the right editor for your self-published book

One of the disadvantages of self-publishing a novel is having to find an editor. While a traditional publisher will typically deal with this aspect for you in-house, going the DIY route involves sourcing such professionals yourself. It only takes a quick Google search for the phrase such as ‘fiction editing’ to discover that there is no shortage of providers of these services, so it can be a daunting task trying to pick one for your precious first novel. So, where to start? Well, these tips should be all you need to make the right choice. Take your time The...

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We are The Book Reviewers

Welcome to The Book Reviewers – a brand-new professional book review website with one principal aim: to help fellow book lovers find the best self-published and indie books available. We do this by providing detailed, honest reviews of novels of various genres, and we rate them using a percentage score. There has been an explosion of indie books in recent years, in large part thanks to Amazon creating a viable platform for authors to self-publish. At The Book Reviewers, we believe this is an exciting and positive step forward, but we also recognise that it has created problems for readers....

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