Author: Nick Jones

Broken Branches cover

Broken Branches – M. Jonathan Lee

Last year I read A Tiny Feeling of Fear, the third novel by Yorkshire-based author M. Jonathan Lee, and it knocked me for six. Based heavily on Lee’s own life, the book deals with depression, anxiety and suicidal thoughts in such an honest and personal way that it stays with you long after you’ve finished reading it. And while his latest novel, Broken Branches, is a psychological thriller rather than a gritty biographical novel, it is just as gripping and emotionally involving as its predecessor. Following the suicide of his older brother, Ian Perkins has moved back to his childhood...

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gravedigger book cover

Gravedigger: Prodigal Son – Billy Pepitone

Gravedigger: Prodigal Son opens with the brutal murder of a mobster in the usually peaceful town of Starfall, New Jersey. The killer is described as a large, hooded, beast-like figure, and he leaves the body in a shallow grave, to be found the next morning by local police chief Jim Orkin. Before long, another murder takes place. As before, the mutilated body is left in a makeshift grave, and again its some lowlife criminal that’s been targeted. The dramatic opening pages raise several questions for the reader: who, or indeed what, is the killer, suitably dubbed the Gravedigger by the locals?...

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Lou Malloy The Run Begins front cover

Lou Malloy: The Run Begins – J. Frank James

Lou Malloy: The Run Begins is the prequel to Dead Money Run, J. Frank James’ novel about the straight-talking criminal hard nut Lou Malloy, whose involvement in a $15 million heist lands him in prison for 15 years. Set 15 years earlier, The Run Begins explains how Lou Malloy went from being a frustrated 18-year-old living with his parents, to a criminal willing to attempt a multi-million-dollar casino robbery. As his parents prepare to move the family to Florida, much to the dismay of their children, Lou’s older brother decides to do a runner in the middle of the night. When his...

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A Tiny Feeling of Fear - M Jonathan Lee

A Tiny Feeling of Fear – M Jonathan Lee

“I want to tell you everything because I’ve never told anyone my secrets before. I’m hoping that being honest with you may just save my life. And perhaps yours.” This quote from the opening pages of M. Jonathan Lee’s third novel, A Tiny Feeling of Fear, is one of many moments in which the central character, Andrew Walker, addresses you, his confidant, directly. Such monologues with the reader can be effective in any book, but when the character in question is in severe personal turmoil, when he is living a lie to his colleagues by day and suffering from...

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Tessa the Tank book cover

Tessa the Tank and the Classic Vehicle Show – Jen Phillips

When I first read the name Tessa the Tank, I instantly thought of another children’s book character with a similarly alliterative name. I’m sure Tessa’s creator, Stoke-based writer Jen Phillips, wouldn’t mind this, as she has stated in interviews that Reverend W. Awdry’s Thomas the Tank Engine was the inspiration for the book. The good news is that while there are several obvious similarities between the two, Tessa does ultimately succeed in having a charm of her own. At just 28 pages long, many of which are made up of illustrations (also by Phillips), Tessa’s story is a short...

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