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Gravedigger: Prodigal Son – Billy Pepitone

Gravedigger: Prodigal Son opens with the brutal murder of a mobster in the usually peaceful town of Starfall, New Jersey. The killer is described as a large, hooded, beast-like figure, and he leaves the body in a shallow grave, to be found the next morning by local police chief Jim Orkin. Before long, another murder takes place. As before, the mutilated body is left in a makeshift grave, and again its some lowlife criminal that’s been targeted. The dramatic opening pages raise several questions for the reader: who, or indeed what, is the killer, suitably dubbed the Gravedigger by the locals?...

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Book reviews

Book review websites – why every indie author needs them

If you’re an indie author with at least one book under your belt, you’ll be aware of the importance of book reviews. It becomes painfully obvious to every indie author very quickly. I’d also wager that the first word that pops into your head when you think of book reviews is probably ‘Amazon‘. This is understandable and justified – Amazon reviews are among the most influential factors determining book sales for self-publishing authors. This is because self-publishing authors are largely ignored by the mainstream press, so the only way for you to stand out is to get as many...

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Jack Jordan blog tour book cover

Anything for Her – Jack Jordan (BLOG TOUR FEATURE)

If you like thrillers – and if you like your thrillers dark, ominous and intense – then you may well enjoy Anything for Her, which is Jack Jordan’s first novel, and certainly makes for a flying start to his career as an author. The novel focuses on the Leightons: Louise and Michael, and their children Brooke and Dominic. The Leightons are clearly a family in crisis, and have been for a while it seems – but, for Louise, the balance is tipped when she finds out that Michael has been having an affair with her own sister, Denise. Louise...

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How to convert your TBR score to stars

One feature of The Book Reviewers that differentiates us from other book review websites is the TBR scoring system. Unlike most other book blogs and review sites, which favour the traditional (and slightly limiting) five-star system, we have opted for percentage ratings, mainly because they allow you to be more specific with your score. Of course, we do appreciate that some people will prefer the star rating system, so if you’re an author looking to use your book’s TBR score to promote your book, whether it’s on your website, in your book’s blurb or on social media, you may wish...

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Lou Malloy The Run Begins front cover

Lou Malloy: The Run Begins – J. Frank James

Lou Malloy: The Run Begins is the prequel to Dead Money Run, J. Frank James’ novel about the straight-talking criminal hard nut Lou Malloy, whose involvement in a $15 million heist lands him in prison for 15 years. Set 15 years earlier, The Run Begins explains how Lou Malloy went from being a frustrated 18-year-old living with his parents, to a criminal willing to attempt a multi-million-dollar casino robbery. As his parents prepare to move the family to Florida, much to the dismay of their children, Lou’s older brother decides to do a runner in the middle of the night. When his...

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