Author: Danielle Pickering

Windcatcher - A.J. Norfield

Windcatcher: Book I of the Stone War Chronicles – A.J. Norfield

Windcatcher: Book I of the Stone War Chronicles is a thrilling tale that follows the story of Raylan, his brother and their group as they battle many enemies, both human and inhuman, during their mission to retrieve a relic that has been stolen from the Tiankong Empire; however, they soon discover that this artefact is a very precious being from a past that is long forgotten. Windcatcher is the first book in an exciting series that follows these brave young warriors on a very special quest. Along the way, we are introduced to many other characters and communities, as...

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Chakana – W.E. Lawrence

Chakana follows the story of Kate Rhodes, a young policewoman who struggles to make her way as she stands in the shadow of her father. We follow her the whole way to Peru on a journey that takes her to unknown territory and pushes her limits. In a bid to rescue her brother from the grips of gold smugglers, Kate finds herself in the throes of a top-secret ancient legend that could result in the next world war. Chakana is a rather loose historical novel; however, intertwined through the narrative of the story is a rather awkwardly formed romance between...

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