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Reclamation book cover

Reclamation: Book One Of The Art Of War Trilogy – Richard Swan

In Richard Swan’s impressive debut book, Reclamation (part one of a trilogy), the human race is projected centuries into the future and is now governed by a conglomerate of human-controlled planets called the United Nations, headed by an obnoxious president. Alien races have been encountered and graded using a tier system, with humans taking a prominent role in Tier Three which is composed of races with similar technological development. However, humans are not the dominant force; a highly developed, insect-like race, the provar, are more powerful, certainly in numbers and with a military tech edge. The focus of the...

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Michele Clark McConnochie

The Strange Sagas of Sabrina Summers, Saga 1: The Uncooperative Flying Carpet – Michele Clark McConnochie

Michele Clark McConnochie’s first children’s novel, The Uncooperative Flying Carpet, will not only appeal to tweenagers but also to their parents. There is so much to like about this book: the wry humour and sense of fun throughout make the story a joy to read, and I think it would work well as a read-aloud story, as well as one for children to read to themselves. Also, the print version of the book is available for dyslexic readers – a definite plus. The main characters – Sabrina, her younger brother Rory, Sabrina’s best friend Persis, and Sabrina’s schoolyard enemy Olive –...

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