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Freedom Flight - Frank Iszak

Freedom Flight – Frank Iszak

Freedom Flight depicts the desperate hijacking of a domestic flight by a small group of ordinary people intent on seeking freedom from an oppressive regime.The unseemly, post-war land grab by Russia had briefly raised the hopes of the beleaguered Hungarians of a bright new world, built on a system of equality, justice and opportunity. Instead of attempting to create a country run by the people for the people, Hungary – as did all the Soviet nations – got a vicious dictatorship. This was ruled by The Party and, if you weren’t a member or willing to follow every line...

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Jack Jordan blog tour book cover

Anything for Her – Jack Jordan (BLOG TOUR FEATURE)

If you like thrillers – and if you like your thrillers dark, ominous and intense – then you may well enjoy Anything for Her, which is Jack Jordan’s first novel, and certainly makes for a flying start to his career as an author. The novel focuses on the Leightons: Louise and Michael, and their children Brooke and Dominic. The Leightons are clearly a family in crisis, and have been for a while it seems – but, for Louise, the balance is tipped when she finds out that Michael has been having an affair with her own sister, Denise. Louise...

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Percent Sign

How to convert your TBR score to stars

One feature of The Book Reviewers that differentiates us from other book review websites is the TBR scoring system. Unlike most other book blogs and review sites, which favour the traditional (and slightly limiting) five-star system, we have opted for percentage ratings, mainly because they allow you to be more specific with your score. Of course, we do appreciate that some people will prefer the star rating system, so if you’re an author looking to use your book’s TBR score to promote your book, whether it’s on your website, in your book’s blurb or on social media, you may wish...

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Hurst book cover

Hurst (The Hurst Chronicles Book 1) – Robin Crumby

Hurst is set in the near future following a catastrophic outbreak of a deadly virus that brings civilisation across the world to its knees. Robin Crumby has aimed his dystopian tale at teens and young adults, tapping into the market created by The Hunger Games and The Maze Runner series among others. This can be a tricky feat: the writing needs to have enough bite to keep the pages turning but also not be too focussed on vileness to render it unsuitable for the target audience; on the whole, the writer achieves this with a few questionable moments that...

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Outsourced book cover

Outsourced – Eric J. Gates

I started Outsourced with mixed feelings: impressed by the high star ratings given by other reviewers but dismayed by the off-putting front cover. I was immediately buoyed by the first few, rapid-fire chapters: the writing was slick, the opening intriguing and I was sensing a page-turner. However, my optimism turned to skepticism as I realised the author was attempting to incorporate a supernatural twist to his thriller. You sense that Eric J. Gates, via one the main protagonists, Nic, is a little uneasy about his plot line too as he strives to explain the existence of a pen that...

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