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Hillstation - Robin Mukherjee

Hillstation – Robin Mukherjee

While the idea of a mountain village so remote that it doesn’t even appear on maps is appealing to many of us keen to escape from the age of Google Map invasion, Rabindra, having lived there all his life, is not so sure. He longs to escape, and as we learn more about his family and fellow villagers, you begin to see his point of view. The primary source of his suffering is the fact that he is the second son and as such must forever live in the shadow of his doctor brother and face the daily scorn...

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My Girl – Jack Jordan (BLOG TOUR FEATURE)

You can’t help feeling a bit battered and bruised on completing this book; not sure if I was reading it or being assaulted by it! Jack Jordan certainly throws everything into his second novel, My Girl, and it definitely packs a punch or two. You are thrown into the deeply unpleasant world of Paige, who is dependent on pills and alcohol to stagger her way through the days following the suicide of her husband, who had failed to recover from the disappearance and death of their daughter a decade before. Paige is a mess and can see no way...

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The Infinity Trap book cover

The Infinity Trap – Ian C Douglas

The Infinity Trap takes us a couple of hundred of years into the future, and many millions miles away, to Mars. We follow the adventures of Zeke, a 15-year-old boy who has cheated his way into a prestigious school for children with psychic abilities. The school is located on Mars, which has been partially inhabited by humans, and has been set up to train gifted teenagers to become Mariners, who are then sent off into outer space on secret missions. Zeke’s father was a Mariner who has gone missing on such a mission, hence his desire to gain entry...

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Freedom Flight - Frank Iszak

Freedom Flight – Frank Iszak

Freedom Flight depicts the desperate hijacking of a domestic flight by a small group of ordinary people intent on seeking freedom from an oppressive regime.The unseemly, post-war land grab by Russia had briefly raised the hopes of the beleaguered Hungarians of a bright new world, built on a system of equality, justice and opportunity. Instead of attempting to create a country run by the people for the people, Hungary – as did all the Soviet nations – got a vicious dictatorship. This was ruled by The Party and, if you weren’t a member or willing to follow every line...

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Hurst book cover

Hurst (The Hurst Chronicles Book 1) – Robin Crumby

Hurst is set in the near future following a catastrophic outbreak of a deadly virus that brings civilisation across the world to its knees. Robin Crumby has aimed his dystopian tale at teens and young adults, tapping into the market created by The Hunger Games and The Maze Runner series among others. This can be a tricky feat: the writing needs to have enough bite to keep the pages turning but also not be too focussed on vileness to render it unsuitable for the target audience; on the whole, the writer achieves this with a few questionable moments that...

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