Author: Adrian Green

Megan’s Munchkins by Pamela Foland

Megan, like most thirteen-year-old kids, loves kittens. In fact, her burning ambition is quite simple – she wants a pet of her own. The problem lies in the shape of her parents; they suffer from pet hair allergies and don’t think that Megan will look after the pet herself. Quite sensible you might think if you’re one of millions of adults who have spent large chunks of their weekends clearing your beloved’s hamster/ rabbit/ guinea pig/ chinchilla (please delete / add to as appropriate), despite heartfelt assurances, only a few weeks previously, that they will do all the caring!...

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The Night of the Eleventh Sun - Steven Burgauer

The Night of the Eleventh Sun – Steven Burgauer

A typical science fiction book will project you so many years into the future and wow you with all that has been achieved or dismay you with the awfulness that is our possible destiny. Not so for Steven Burgauer’s latest book, The Night of the Eleventh Sun, which takes us back to the dawn of our time. But it is not us that is his focus; we are a mere bit part in this tale. Rather it is our rival hominid species, the Neanderthal, that takes centre stage. Hold on a minute, I hear you utter, does that not...

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The Crown Princess' Voyage

The Crown Princess’ Voyage – Dylan Madeley

This is the sequel to The Gift Knight’s Quest, and readers will find it difficult to follow without having read the first instalment but not impossible. The land of Kensrik is in a state of flux; the ruling Kenderley family have been dethroned by a popular rebellion to be replaced by a representational government. But what will the erstwhile rulers and the nobility class do? Many are attacked and forced to seek sanctuary in the crown princess’ palace or flee. The princess herself, Chandra, is at a loss; she retains her wealth and her army but is unwanted by...

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The Road To War

The Road To War – Steven Burgauer

William Frodsham was one of the many thousands of young American citizens to enlist for military duty after the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor in December 1941. Unlike the vast majority of those men and women, William, years after the conflict, gathered his notes and his memories to write a detailed account of those years. Author Steven Burgauer has shaped these writings into a very readable historical novel, structured in diary form. The opening pitches us straight into the intense fighting which followed the D-Day landings. We learn straightaway that William is a courageous soldier and an excellent leader of...

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